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Modulus Architecture
Aliki, Naxos
6.000 sqm
Under Construction

A 6.000 sqm plot, with an existing two- storey farm house, should be organized according to our clients vision. Their main purpose was to divide the building into two properties and the whole plot into three parts, one for every property and the last one for public uses, such as a little chapel, a football court, a playground and a large scale olive grove.

A car road has been designed in a way that separates the chapel from the rest plot and at the same time is leading to the residences. Smaller pedestrian paths, horizontal, vertical and in a diagonal direction have been shaped and also some more organic that leads to the olive grove.

The olive grove and the chapel have been located in the front side of the plot, as a buffer zone that ensures the privacy to the properties. The private yards, the playground and the court are designed as “floating“ surfaces  between the paths and they have been rotated to achieve a great view to the olive grove. Some stonewalls protect the private areas while other create two small zones planted with herbs.

All over the plot, natural materials are used, that provide the farm house living experience (walls out of stone, wooden paths and vegetation of different scales).