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Modulus Architecture
Volos Greece
27 sqm
Under Construction

This is our proposal for a shoes concept store dedicated to women and its transformation from a simple store, to a space that offers a unique experience to its users. The basic demand of the project was the best utilization of the space in order to gain maximum functionality. The store’s small size and the goal to showcase the products in the best possible way, made us use simple materials and experiment, in order to create interesting spatialities.

A big polycarbonate panel divides the shop into two areas. The semitransparent material, that creates a fluidity between interior and exterior space, through light and shadow, works as a filter between the users that are inside and outside and offers a different experience for each of them. For the people being outside, it provokes a sense of mystery and increases the curiosity, welcoming someone to enter and discover the other side of the panel. At the same time, it creates a “shelter” for those who are inside, allowing them to live their experience without any distractions. An additional filter of wooden panels at the back, hides the secondary spaces. The transparent, lighted sidewalls create the illusion of a bigger space as they intensify its plasticity and its transparency. This becomes much more intense with the technique of suspension. In order to maximize the available space and make it seem lighter, we choose to suspend the shelves of the display window. The surfaces used for product display are made of simple materials in order to highlight the products. The linearity of the white shelves, points out the entrance while the use of wood gives a sense of warmth and familiarity.