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Modulus Architecture
Plaka Naxos
298,06 sqm
Under Construction

A 4.50×4.50 meters cube is the principal element of this project and functions as a module, a prototype that is repeated and forms the two summerhouses. The cube is attached to a linear axis that represents the corridor, in different positions every time, so that the volumes create coves and projections offering different views and spaces. These volumes, in combination with the sun of the Cycladic Island, create a game of light and shadow giving an interesting oncoplastic result. Every cube accommodates a different space, a living room, a kitchen or a bedroom, while when repeated in height it creates two-storey volumes.

When it comes to landscape, the shape of the cube appears again and is formed by walls that define a space or is reproduced as flooring. Rectangular concrete floors are integrated in the landscape and placed in such a way that blends with the natural ground. Transverse walls ensure privacy, wherever is necessary. An important element of the external space is the element of water. A linear swimming pool, placed in front of the living room of every house, becomes the focal point of the yard, while at the back of the house inner courtyards are formed in order to offer maximum privacy.

The main materials used are plaster and wood. The cubes, painted in white color, refer to the traditional Cycladic architecture, while the walls, colored in a tint of terracotta, are balanced with the environment and offer a modern aesthetic.