Modulus ArchitectureModulus Architecture
Architectural Design
Modulus Architecture
Varkiza, Athens
Facade Design_ Interior
1000 sqm
In Progress

This project is about the redesign of the façades and the interior design for an existing residential complex of luxurious apartments in Varkiza. The main element of the new façades is a white metal structure that functions as a second skin for the building. This structure functions also as an organisational tool for the facades and in some cases it is filled with vertical and horizontal wooden blinds that are used either as guardrails or as sunshades. The second element that transform the façades is planting. Linear, planted jardinières offer a natural and fresh vibe to the building, making greenery a main part of it.

In the interior space, the materials of the main surfaces are marble and wood, in order to provide a sense of luxury combined with comfort and familiarity. The furniture are elegant, minimal and comfortable and their main materials are also marble and wood in accordance with the rest of the interior space.