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In latin it comes from the word modus that means measure or manner.

In architecture, according to Le Corbusier, it is an anthropometric scale of proportions.

From our point of view, it is the measure that balances form, function and aesthetics, driven by human needs and respect to the natural habitat.


Architecture is a dynamic environment, in which our team works as a constant, aiming at a balanced synthesis of ideas. Our goal is to create architecture with an anthropocentric point of view, which does not focus exclusively in form, but through form appoints function and spatial experience. Space is inextricably attached to humans who use it and bring life to it.

We focus on the creation of spatial experiences so that every space that we design has its own identity, narrates a story and generates memories∙ constitutes a unique adventure for its users.


The architectural studio Modulus Architecture founded in Athens in 2020. We are a team of three architects with common vision and goals. We are engaging with architectural design and its implementation, with emphasis on details and high-end design. Through experience and research, we produce spaces through a wide range of projects, from urban design and landscape, to building and interior design, always trying to offer spatial experiences. We administer the whole process of a project, from the inception of the idea and the concept design, until the oversight and construction.


Vassiliki Dermitzaki
Architect Engineer (NTUA) Co-Founder, Modulus Architecture

Her interest appeals to the research of tools that promote the designing process. The love for detailing and her aesthetic approach, provide perfection to the final synthetic result and its communication.

    Katerina Striki Magiaki
    Architect Engineer (NTUA) Founder, Modulus Architecture

    Her architectural references and design experience offer flexibility to the designing process. Her experimentation with new forms and architectural qualities are key elements for the team operation.

      Katerina Tsitsiva
      Architect Engineer (NTUA) Co-Founder, Modulus Architecture

      Her studies in Milan and the exposure to Italian culture, triggered her love for the design of minimal spatial experiences. Systematic and organisational design leads her to the most efficient outcome.



        • Architectural Design
        • Interior Design
        • Building Renovation
        • Interior Renovation
        • Landscape
        • Project Branding
        • Concept Design | Art Direction


          • 3D Visualization
          • Video
          • Graphic Design


            • Permit
            • Construction Design
            • Detailing
            • Furniture | Lighting Selection
            • Furniture Design